Table of Buildings

The following chart is helpful. There are a few holes. We’ll catch up. The tricky parts are where an address and a proposal change owners e.g. 1181 Queen Street, or the property expands in size, e.g. 2-6 Lisgar morphs into 2-90 Lisgar, or where the nuclear waste silo moves in 2020, e.g. within 48 Abell.

Address Developer Name of Project Notes Architect Start Finish
1155 & 1171 Queen (1155 > 1169) Baywood ‘Bohemian Embassy’ 19 storeys Page and Steele / Pemberton
45 Lisgar Medallion ‘West Q’
1181 Queen (v1) ‘Plaza’ site 30 stories Cancelled (sold)
1181 Queen (v2) Baywood ‘Plaza’ site 20 stories Yolo (1181 Queen St) Inc. Cancelled (sold)
1181 Queen (v3) Skale Developments ‘Plaza’ site 16 storeys Quadrangle In progress (at OMB)
440 Dufferin Siteline 390 Dufferin St. Inc. ‘saw tooth building’ / for sale 2017
11 Peel (1230 Queen) Context (Howard Cohen) > Streetcar ‘Sanko site’, ‘Toyland’, ‘The Carnaby’
40-44 Dovercourt ‘Art Condos’
2-6 Lisgar Baywood ‘The Love Boat’ Page and Steele
2-90 Lisgar Urbancorp ‘The Edge’ Includes TMAC
90 Lisgar Lisgar Park
48 Abell (West > 150 Sudbury) Verdiroc St. Clare’s Multi-Faith Housing
48 Abell (East) > 68 Abell Verdicoc > Landmark/(Urbancorp) ‘The The Epic’ and and ‘Westside Gallery Lofts’ + ‘The Curve’ Artscape Condos and rental
99 Sudbury OMB 2017
2 Gladstone Harry K. > Streetcar TACT
1093 Queen Baywood. Pemberton ‘Ten93’ Page and Steele

Pre-construction Renderings

The links below take you to pre-construction renderings of developments in the Triangle:

  • 1155 & 1171 Queen (Bohemian Embassy) - 1
  • 45 Lisgar (West Q) - 1
  • 1181 Queen - 1
  • 440 Dufferin - 1, 2, 3
  • 11 Peel - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • 40-44 Dovercourt (Art Condos) - Slideshow
  • 2-90 Lisgar (The Edge) - slideshow
  • 68 Abell (The Epic) - 1, 2
  • 99 Sudbury - Slideshow
  • 2 Gladstone (2G Condos)- 1, 2
  • 1093 Queen (Ten93) - 1, 2


This Chronology is still a work-in-progress. Be forgiving and double check if you’re relying on it.


Date Subject Description Comment
Summer 1171 Queen First community meeting announcing the three developments
150 Sudbury Initial meetings of Active 18
48 Abell
Dec. 16 Active 18 organizational meeting at the Gladstone Hotel


Date Subject Description Comment
Jan 24 Active 18 Active 18 adopts formal constitution
Jan 31 Active 18 Steering committee
Mar 5 Active 18 Community charrette
Mar 30 Active 18 Charrette Report made public at a Press Conference Community’s Area Plan presented
Sales office for 150 Sudbury opens 150S
Apr 6 Active 18 Steering committee
Apr 1171 Queen -Pre-hearing at OMB 1171 Queen
150 Sudbury -Initial hearing at OMB to hear positions of those who want to be parties 150 Sudbury
48 Abell -This hearing is to consider the applications of the developers because the City has not dealt with the development proposals within the required 180 days 48 Abell
Active 18 -No evidence is heard Active 18
-City request that case be put off until area study done is denied
-Active 18 appears as a party
-City undertakes, as condition of adjournment, to organize Working Groups to try to settle the case
Apr 24, May 8, 23 1171Queen Working Group Meetings
150 Sudbury -Working Group Meetings organized by the City
48Abell -Developers represented
Active 18 -All City Departments represented
-Various community groups and sectors represented
-Meeting in public chaired by Councillor
-Active 18 develops a negotiation position
-Active 18 meets privately with two of the three developers (third developer—Urbancorp—refuses to meet with us)
May 4 Active 18 Steering committee
May 1171 Queen Planning Division announces it recommendations to City Council for terms on which the three developments would be approved 1171 Queen
150 Sudbury
48 Abell
Active 18
Jun 1171 Queen Second pre-hearing at OMB
150 Sudbury Schedule for exchange of witness statement and hearing date established
48 Abell
Active 18
Jun 13 1171 Queen Toronto and East York Community Council Meeting to consider recommendations from Planning Division for revisions to OP regarding OP
150 Sudbury Active 18 lobbies councillors, deputations from the public to the meeting—Planning Division recommendations adopted across the board
48 Abell
Active 18
Jul 3 1171Queen Community Council directs Parks to proceed with purchase of park land
150 Sudbury tag: Community Council Date year early?
48 Abell
Active 18
Jul 6 Active 18 Steering committee
Jul Active 18 Preparation for OMB
Sep 13 Active 18 Accountability Meeting with Active 18 Members
Sep 26 48 Abell Failed motion at City Council to designate 48 Abell as a heritage building
Active 18
Sep-Nov 1171 Queen Hearings—35 days
150 Sudbury
48 Abell
Active 18
Dec 1171 Queen Three days of argument at OMB
150 Sudbury
48 Abell
Active 18


Date Subject Description Comment
Jan 10 Reasons of OMB released (48 Abell [PDF, 150 Sudbury PDF, 1171 Queen Street W. PDF)
Jan 26 Active 18 letter of support to Harry Klaczkowski but at four storeys, not the eight requested
Jan Margie Z hosts a meeting re decision and OMB power
-Active 18 Press Conference
-CMC files Application for Leave to Appeal(LINK) for Active 18
Feb 5 City Council decides to appeal the OMB decision
Feb 14 Mayor writes to Minister PDF
Application for Leave filed by the City
Mar City appeals to OMB under Section 43 for a review
Argument on Court application scheduled for Jun 11
Active 18 (CMC) files Factum for Leave (Div Ct.) PDF
Active 18 Letter of Support for City on Sec 43 Appeal to OMB
Apr Baywood purchases the land the City hoped to buy for parkland
May OMB sets Jun 4 for four day hearing on whether to appoint a new panel to review
May 2—6 Peel Community Meeting hosted by the City on proposed Secondary Plan for the Triangle area
Jun 4—9 -OMB: Sec 43 Appeal Argument
Jul 10 OMB rejects Section 43 Appeal
Jul Mayor meets Active 18
Jul 16 Divisional Court Leave application—adjourned
-Meeting Active 18 and Planning Division
-Wednesday: Settlement passed by City Council but not Secondary Plan
-Thursday: Leave argument in Divisional Court LINK
Jul 25 Leave granted re 150 Sudbury
Aug 23 1181 Queen Staff Report on Baywood Application
Aug Negotiations between Artscape, Active 18 and Westside/UrbanCorp re 150 Sudbury
Oct Meeting with Planning Division et al on Westside settlement
Fall? 1093 Queen
1181 Queen
2—90 Lisgar Active 18 learns Baywood has bought four more sites:
-1093 Queen (Queen and Dovercourt)
-1181 Queen (plaza site across from the Gladstone)
-1155 Queen
Nov 7 1093 Queen Community consultation on three new Baywood buildings on Queen Street
1181 Queen
1155 Queen
Nov. 20 Page and Steele peer review
Dec. 17 1171 Queen OMB site plan hearing


Date Subject Description Comment
Jan 8 1171 Queen OMB reasons on by-law argument PDF
Jan 14 Steering committee
Jan 26 2 Gladstone Active 18 letter of support
Jan 28 Steering committee
Jan 1093 Queen
1181 Queen
2—90 Lisgar Active 18 presents Buildings We Like to Community Council PDF
Feb 6 11 Peel Active 18 meets ‘Toyland’ developer
Mar 2 Active 18 Park Charrette
Active 18 Presentation: Parks We Like
Charrette Report PDF
Mar 10 Active 18 Annual Meeting
Apr 8 1155 Queen Community Council Re: 1155 Queen PDF
Apr 9 2—90 Lisgar Staff Report
Apr 48 Abell Verdirock seeks to re-negotiate
Re Artscape?
Apr Notice of Meeting for 2—90 Lisgar PDF
Apr 23-24 OMB hearing on 1171 Site Plan
May 6 Community Council Meeting on 2—90 Lisgar
May 8 Meeting with Planning Staff and developer’s architect on 1055 façade
Active 18 Presentation on Façade
Jun 3 Public Meeting on 2—90 Lisgar
Active 18 presentation on park
Jun 26 40 Dovercourt Public Consultation
Jul 7 1155 is approved at Community Council
Nov 13 Informal Public Meeting on 1181 Queen (Plaza Building) and 1155 Queen
Dec 4 Formal Community Meeting on 1093 and 1155
Active 18 Presentation by S Heuchert


Date Subject Description Comment
Jan 10 2 Gladstone Active 18 Submission to Council on proposed zoning for three projects
2—6 Lisgar
1093 Queen Which buildings ?
Feb 2 1093 Queen Request for Directions
Feb 2 2-6 Lisgar Request for Directions –
Feb 2 2 Gladstone Request for Directions
Feb 10 See Active 18 Executive Summary of local projects for Annual meeting
Mar 2 Park Active 18 Park charrette
Mar 16 Park Park Working Group Date early?
Jun—Aug 150 Sudbury Negotiations re Artscape selling more units
Nov 150 Sudbury City/Artscape/Urbancorp revise plan for 150 Sudbury
Nov Park Discussion—Public Access Open Space
Nov 18 11 Peel NW Triangle charrette
440 Dufferin
? Woolfitt—The Modern announced


Date Subject Description Comment
Jan 12 Community Council considers Queen Street restaurant by-law Not in text ?
Feb 16 440 Dufferin Active 18 NW Secondary plan
Jun 14 Active 18 proposes Arts Precinct
Jun 22 11 Peel Letter from S. Heuchert and C. Campbell on ‘Employment Lands LINK
440 Dufferin
Jul 12 11 Peel
440 Dufferin Response from Planning—LINK


Date Subject Description Comment
Active 18 Annual Meeting
Jan 11 Staff Report on The Edge
Nov 23 440 Dufferin The “Planning Rationale” for the 440 Dufferin proposal by Urban Strategies
Dec 2 440 Dufferin Application to City lies
Dec TMAC Barlow Report


Date Subject Description Comment
Mar 12 Active 18 Annual Meeting and Party—Great Hall
? TMAC TMAC Working Group
Mar 22 440 Dufferin Active 18 deposes to Planning and Growth Management re: 440 Dufferin re employment and City’s Five Year Review. See Staff Report


Date Subject Description Comment
? TMAC TMAC “deal” done
Jul 9 440 Dufferin Prov approves City’s OP 231—[which does not include conversion of 440]
Jul 10 440 Dufferin Staff Report to PGM
Aug 2 440 Dufferin PGM considers a Request for Directions dated Jul 10 Rec’d opposing—“attend and oppose”—not negotiate
Aug 25 440 Dufferin Council directs that no conversion for 440 Dufferin
Sep 9 Siteline appeals to OMB from City’s failure to decide
Oct 23 440 Dufferin First OMB Procedural Order
Nov 14 440 Dufferin Revised proposal submitted “based on feedback … including Request for Directions … hints strongly that they can have what they want if ….Request for Directions says no such thing … Date year early?
Nov 17 Active 18 letter opposing LINK


Date Subject Description Comment
Jul 9 440 Dufferin Prov approves City’s OP 231—[which does not include exemption/conversion of 440 Dufferin]
Jul 10 440 Dufferin Staff Report to PGM
Aug 2 440 Dufferin PGM considers a Request for Directions dated Jul 10 Rec’d opposing—“attend and oppose”—not negotiate
Aug 25 440 Dufferin Council directs that no conversion for 440 Dufferin
Sep 9 440 Dufferin Siteline applies to OMB from City’s failure to decide
Oct 23 440 Dufferin First OMB Procedural Order
Nov 26 440 Dufferin Revised proposal submitted “based on feedback … including Request for Directions … hints strongly that they can have what they want if …. Request for Directions says no such thing …


Date Subject Description Comment
Feb 1, 2 440 Dufferin OMB Mediation
Feb. 3 440 Dufferin my complaint to Ana re the proceeding
Ana Bailao sends me wording of Resolution —It says—Community consult …. What goes through PGM is the same wording
Mar 15 440 Dufferin Chief Planner asks for a review
Mar 31 440 Dufferin City Council passes WHAT
Apr 10 440 Dufferin Planner quoted saying ….
May 6 440 Dufferin Pre-hearing
Jun 25 TMAC Public Meeting on TMAC cancelation


Date Subject Description Comment
99 Sudbury Various meetings
Jul 13 48 Abell Sale of Mews Units to Woolfitt Gallery
Sep 28 Lisgar Park Park Meeting with neighbourhood on uses
Oct 24 99 Sudbury OMB Pre-hearing
Nov 29 Queen Street Heritage Study presented to public meeting
Dec Woolfitt announces purchase of laneway units




Our Document Library is fabulous. The first reason is that the documents are no longer in my garage. None of the other reasons matter.

The good news is that there is a huge data base. It’s got much more than is actually referred to in the Blog. It was one of our objectives to create a place to save a large selection of planning docs - other than my garage! Some are useful. But the easier digital storage has become the more we can stretch to save what might be useful. Part of the objective of the Blog was to be useful for others in more than a quickie look-see. As the City abandons the defence of the public interest and that falls to the citizen amateur, the more we may need access to detailed history. There are some docs here you won’t find elsewhere, e.g. a more or less verbatim transcript of an O.M.B. Hearing.

The bad news is …. there are some documents in the data base which are in fact just an index of many more documents that were batch scanned and stored. Mea culpa. We reached the limit of available time and were not able to index in the detail we might like. You would like.

Documents 2007

Newspaper Coverage

There is a collection of press coverage related to the development of the WQW Triangle over a dozen years. There are articles here from ‘big’ dailies and also the local press. It is not complete.

Some folk may prefer their history as digested by the press. Go for it. There is chart of the news articles just below with links for each to the Document Library. Click, read, click, read, click, read ….

Some folk may want to look at the press coverage for other reasons? Does ‘the press’ influence the planning process? Is the coverage fair and accurate? Do the press ‘think’ before they write or just parrot what the big developers tell them? (The NIMBY argument). Do different newspapers have a predictable ‘line’ on development?

We haven’t done an analysis of these more interesting questions.

There are more press stories than these listed here. There are obviously planning issues and stories that are not focused on WQW that matter to the end planning result. One of my end conclusions and regrets is that community activists focus too much on design and not enough on the bigger picture. Employment issues are an example, but maybe our best showing where A18 did push local employment. Section 37 is another example where our relative good local result should be seen in the context of the much bigger problem city wide. These last two are examples where this clipping file is a drop in the bucket.


External Links

There is a wealth of material about urban planning. You can study it without ever knowing there is a Planning Division, as if it an art form and developers, politicians and their ilk do not exist. Or you can immerse yourself in local by-law fights. The following list focuses on Toronto and material more directly relevant to the kinds of local fights that go through City Hall, deal with Official Plan issues and might end up at the OMB.

City Hall

The City has dramatically improved its web accessibility. You can:

The Province of Ontario

The Department of Municipal Affairs has an excellent web site. and The Citizens’ Guide to Land-use Planning

Planning at the Provincial level is important. Here you need to read:

Other Community Organizations

You are not alone! There are many others groups active fighting planning fights. Some have excellent web material. Some used to have excellent web material. Some have sites that barely keep up with local meetings. All this is volunteer. Marvel not at how bad some of it is BUT how good a lot of it is in trying circumstances.

KRUSHELNICKI, BRUCE, A Practical Guide to the Ontario Municipal Board

Some Toronto law firms specialize in planning law. This is almost always be on the side of the developers. That’s who has the money. Some of these will take the occasional case for community groups. A connection to the senior partner helps!