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There are four collections here: Legal, Planning, Literary, and Travel. They each have a different history and reflect different interests. They have this in common. They each reflect the readable remains after purging my all to voluminous files.

In grade seven I was given an aptitude and interest test. The Guidance Counsellor told me I should be a librarian or a museum curator. I ignored that advice and lived my life as a lawyer. But when I retired my garage full of files made clear I had been developing a museum all along, but not doing much curating. So I set myself to the task of curating a digital self. And this is the result so far.

The four collections have this in common. They represent what I have written (or pictures taken) over the years, that has survived in presentable form. There hasn’t been much critical purging. Some items are poetic musing during travel adventures. Some are plays I have written, some theatre reviews, some legal essays. Very little has been written recently or specifically for this blog. There is a Library which contains scanned materials, particularly legal, that are background material.

It is not my intention to make this an active Blog, but rather storage site for material up to 2017. If I write more I will set up something further that can be kept up to date.

You will not find family albums and photos or remembrances here. They will be, perhaps I should say may be, a another project.

My eternal gratitude to my friends Steve Wood, Michelle Gay, Max Allen and Corvin Russell for their editing, layout and overall technical expertise which were essential to get this up and running.

About Me

I am a retired lawyer. The firm I helped found can be found here.


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