I created an extended CV referencing various cases I have handled over the years. There a few spots where I added some explanatory comments. It references various background materials stored in the Library. There are also a number of essays or various sorts. There are a number of legal projects worthy of more writing and analysis but that hasn’t happened and may never.

Professional History

My professional C.V. is simple. I only ever worked in three places (one of them just six months) and I was a partner in two. And I was doing litigation all this time. One of the virtues of a litigation practice is the flow of cases evolves and changes. You can stay in the same place—the same “job”—but the type of cases and clients change as if you had changed employment. In my case, my work evolved from criminal and family to civil litigation, especially personal injury work, but tort work more generally, and then to corporate, commercial, Charter, libel and planning.

Was I an “expert”? I suppose I was an expert in libel law, but the real thing I became expert in was how to advance difficult cases in a system that has become outlandishly expensive. And the key to this success was to have no family to support and learn to live with a high level of risky files.