Here are some of the essays that survived in my notebooks. More Essays on legal and theatre topics can be found at Legal and Theatre.


Letter From Paris (1968)

America (1976)

Nag’s Head(1976)

New York (1976)


On my 1978 trip to China I kept a detailed journal which I recently had typed up and included here. It was the basis of an essay I wrote when I came back—the Summary. The journal notes are rough and repetitive. They never seemed worth making “pretty” once I did the Summary. And I didn’t/don’t have the will to trash them given the relative ease of depositing them in this “digital filing cabinet”.

China — Summary

China — Diary


Rivers and Lakes

Jesus of Jerusalem (2014)

To the Lighthouse in a Chrysler (2016)


Marion, Ballard and GoGo

Mouse (1990)

Remembering the Moo Cows (2017)


Washed by the Waves

A Canadian Fantasy

Florence Campbell Memorial (2010)

Margurite (199?)