I have been writing—and stashing—poems and essays since university days and plays since 1980. There is no particular logic to when I get the urge to write and even more unpredictably when I found the wherewithal to finish something I have started. Perhaps Iâ™ve kept too much of this but here is the collection. The basic test of âœkeep or toss❠has been whether there is a readable typed version of something that appeared finished.

The poems are mostly from my twenties. Saying I was a hippy would be overstating it by a mile—a given I was in law school! But I did have long hair and occasionally inhale something that made me feel good. The poems make me seem lost and sensitive. That didnâ™t last but itâ™s nice to remember.

The Essays are all over the place, some from travel adventures, some from that the “life-is-meaningless-but-funny” headspace.

Theatre became a major diversion. Here you find ten plays I have finished and my notes on same. Also there was a huge stack of theatre reviews that I accumulated over the years. They were memos to myself about what I had seen which I never intended for others and their incompleteness makes this apparent. Perhaps the later in history they get the more complete.